Photographic Prints & Textured Effects

Photographic Prints

Photos quickly connect us by magically capturing the essence of a moment. At Extreme Graphics, we will bring your photos to life with our advanced print technology and unique material options like Acrylic, Canvas, Glass, Fabric, Metal, and Wood.  We make it easy to capture special memories or create imaginative spaces. From elegant stand-alone imagery to custom fabricated layered designs, we employ some unique capabilities that create striking and uncommon results.
We are your image source for photographic and art prints in a variety of configurations
Portraits – Collages – Clusters – Wall Splits – Wall Displays

Raised Texture & Varnish Effects

At Extreme Graphics, our advanced software and printing capabilities build multiple layers of ink that create stunning textured and dimensional effects. Imagine replicating visual characteristics like brush strokes in a painting, wood grain and snakeskin surfaces, embossed letters and logos and a variety of spot varnish finishes. Capture and create 3D raised textures printed in large format sizes on a variety of surfaces like acrylic, metal, pvc, and wood.
Opportunities to customize your design are limitless.

Full Gallery of Photographic Prints & Textured Effects

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